Program LCVU day December 17, 2007

Location: KERKZAAL 16th floor Main Building

13:30   Wim Ubachs Welcome
13:40   Dave Weitz (Harvard)
    "Mechanics of Biopolymer Networks from Cells"
14:30   Laura Lipciuc (Physical Chemistry)
    "High resolution slice imaging of nonadiabatic state-to-state photodynamics"
14:50   Zdenek Lansky (Physics of Complex Systems)
    "Zooming in on Kinesin's steps"
15:10   Coffee break
15:30   Rick Bethlem (Atomic, Molecular and Laser Physics)
    "A molecular fountain"
16:00   Zorica Ristic(Structural Biology)
    "Molecular motor: ATP synthase"
16:25   Fred MacKintosh (Theoretical Physics)
    "Non-equilibrium mechanics and dynamics of the cytoskeleton"
16:50   Coffee break
17:10   Marloes Groot & Stefan Witte (Biophysics)
    "A new setup for Biomedical Photonics at LCVU"
17:40   Joost de Klerk (Analytical Chemistry)
    "Cool spectroscopy on disobedient molecules"

Location: Tuinzaal

18:00   Dinner & Drinks

Location: Q105

20:00   Presentation of the award for the best LCVU article of 2007
20:15   Davide Iannuzzi
    "Fiber-top cantilevers: from the drawing on the blackboard to the ideas for the future"

Location: Tuinzaal

21:00   Drinks