Program LCVU day December 17, 2008

Location: KERKZAAL 16th floor Main Building

13:30   Wim Ubachs Welcome
13:40   Kjeld Eikema (Atomic, Molecular and Laser Physics)
             "Frequency comb lasers on the move to extreme wavelengths"
14:30   Thomas van Dijk (Theoretical Physics)
             "Dark beams"
14:50   Coffee break
15:10   Yves Bollen (Structural Biology)
            "Tracking single protein translocation complexes in the membranes of living                      bacteria"
15:30   Chase Broedersz (Theoretical Physics)
            "Nonlinear elasticity of composite networks of stiff biopolymers with flexible                    linkers"
15:50   Tjaart Krueger (Biophysics)
             "How photosynthesis is regulated on a molecular level"
16:10   Gert van der Zwan (Analytical Chemistry)
            "Resonance Raman spectroscopy of redox proteins"
16:30   Coffee break
16:50   Daniel Irimia (Physical Chemistry)
            "Femtosecond Imaging"
17:10   Johannes de Boer (Physics of Complex Systems)
            "Clinical applications of Optical Coherence Tomography"

Location: Tuinzaal

18:00   Dinner & Drinks

Location: Q105

19:45   Presentation of the award for the best LCVU article of 2008
20:00   Martina Havenith (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany)
    "The THz dance of the protein with the water"

Location: Tuinzaal

21:00   Drinks