The ultranarroband pulsed Ti:Sa setup with deep-UV extensions

A Narrowband Pulsed Titanium-Sapphire oscillator amplifier has been developed for precision spectroscopic experiments. The injection seeded laser system (either by a diode laser or by a CW titanium-sapphire laser) is based on gain-switching and delivers pulses of duration up to 40 ns with Fourier-transform limited bandwidth. The layout of the oscillator (picture on the ledt), including the arrangement for on-line chirp analysis of each laser pulse at a 10 Hz repetition rate.

The output of the oscillator is amplified in a bowtie amplifier (picture on the right) with up to 9 passes delivering 30 mJ laser pulses tunable over a range 770-850 nm. These pulses as well as the frequency-coubled, tripled and quadrupled pulses (reaching the deep-ultraviolet wavelength range) can be used for high-precision spectroscopic studies. Frequency-stabilized etalons, an accurate ATOS wavelength meter, and a fiber-link to the frequency comb laser are available for absolute frequency calibration. Particularly the deep-UV options are novel tools for spectroscopic applications.
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