Research Projects

Lasers and fundamental research of matter

Singular optics, near-field optics and coherence theory
Dynamics of semiconductor lasers in complex configurations
Ultra high precision metrology using frequency combs
Phase controlled terawatt lasers and ultra-fast X-rays
Ultra-high resolution XUV spectroscopy
A molecular fountain clock
Bose-Einstein Condensation of ultracold metastable helium atoms
Laser Isotope separation
Pulsed Laser Deposition
Imaging of oriented and quantum-state selected photodynamics
Femtosecond coincidence imaging of optimal control in chemical dynamics
Cavity ring down spectroscopy of interstellar species
State-to-state steric asymmetry of inelastic collisions
High-resolution molecular spectroscopy at cryogenic temperatures

Lasers and life sciences

Coupling analytical separation with spectroscopic detection and/or identification methods
Raman Spectroscopy of Redox Proteins
Time-resolved fluorescence of complex systems
Elementary reactions in biology studied with ultrashort laser pulses
Ultrafast events in Carotenoids
The primary processes in photosynthesis
How photoreceptors detect photons
Global and target analysis of time-resolved spectra
Motor proteins: molecular mechanisms and roles in cellular processes
The dynamics of DNA-binding proteins
The visco-elastic properties of polymer networks and living cells
ATP synthase: a Bio-Molecular Power Station
The Twin-arginine protein transport system