At the Laser Centre VU there are usually a number of vacancies for Post-Docs and PhD-students and those are advertised through the websites of the participating groups. We give here a special linke to the ATLAS program where there are several openings for PhD student positions for research and training at LCVU.

Further positions in LCVU:
  • Atomic, Molecular and Laser Physics group
  • Biohysics group
  • Physical Chemistry group
  • Analytical Chemistry group
  • Physics of Complex Systems group
  • Structural Biology group

And in the:
Interdisciplinary Network for Training and Research on Photosystem 2

At the Laser Centre we welcome foreign students and researchers at all levels of education (Masters, PhD, Postdoc and further advanced) to participate in the research activties of the groups. There are several Scholarship and Fellowship programs by international organisations in which LCVU takes part. See Fellowships and Scholarships. We are willing to help interested candidates with the necessary procedures for application.