LCVU-symposium 15 December 2009

7 October 2009 

Dr. Ronald Plasterk (Netherland's Minister of Education, Culture and Sciences) visits the Laser Centre VU 

He has announced that starting in 2011 extra structural funds will be allocated to Physics (10 ME/year) and to Chemistry (10 ME/year) in the Netherlands for enforcing research in these areas and for making the University studies in physics and chemistry more attractive, with the goal to attract more students. A committee under leadership of Prof. D. Breimer will evaluate plans to most effectively spend these extra funds.

photo photo

See also: Press release bij the Ministry of OCW
Further on the visit by Minister Plasterk.

The Laser Centre VU congratulates Rienk van Grondelle with his KNAW Academy Professorship

Rienk van Grondelle (left), The Rector Magnificus Lex Bouter (next to Rienk) and Robbert Dijkgraaf, President of KNAW (right)

On Wednesday 15 April 2009 Rienk van Grondelle, Professor of Biophysics at LCVU, received the prestigious KNAW Professorship. KNAW will provide a 5-year salary to let him devote himself to academic studies and to give LCVU the opportunity to appoint a young professor in the same field. 

Workshop: Do the constants of nature vary?

 Thursday June 11th 2009 at lecture room P647 in Science building of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Tulip 2009 Summer School: Modern Developments in Spectroscopy.

Best paper of the LCVU 2008

Bram van den Broek receives the Prize (500 Euro + diploma) for the best paper of  LCVU-2008 for his paper: How DNA-coiling enhances target localization by proteins, PNAS 105 (2008) 15738

photo  photo
Dr. Bram van den Broek and Prof. dr. Johannes de Boer

The Laser Centre VU congratulates Dr. Gijs Wuite with his NWO-VICI grant for: Physics in the cellular fuel tank.

He also becomes an elected member of the Young Academy (November 2008).
Gijs Wuite
Dr. Gijs Wuite

LCVU Symposium 2008

On 17 december 2008 the yearly symposium of the Laser Centre VU will be held in Amsterdam with the following Program.

NWO groot grant

The Laser Centre VU receives a NWO groot grant  (3.4 M€) for setting up a microscopy facility.

The Laser Centre VU congratulates its scientists with the receipt of ERC and NWO-VICI grants

Rick Bethelm     Davide Iannuzzi    Kjeld Eikema
- Dr. Rick Bethlem (left) receives an ERC grant for his proposal to build the worlds first Molecular Fountain (See: Fountain project).
- Dr. Davide Iannuzzi (centre) receives an ERC grant for his proposal to utilize Fibre-Top-Cantilevers (See: FTC).
- Dr. Kjeld Eikema (right) receives a NWO-VICI grant for his proposal entitled "harnessing quantum dynamics and structure of complex molecules and simple atoms". 

Best paper award of LCVU in 2007

At the LCVU-symposium on 17th December 2007 Rudi Berera received the Prize for the best LCVU paper in 2007.
Rudi Berera Rudi Berera

Fascination of Light at LCVU 2007

During 3-18 October 2007 the Exhibition "Fascination of Light" was held at VU campus. About 1700 high-school pupils visited. This exhibition is an activity of LASERLAB-Europe and it travels through a number of cities throughout Europe with EU-funding. See FOL-Europe. For a video clip click here.
  Poster for the Fascination of Light Exhibition.

June 2007: LCVU scientists on the cover of APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY

Evtim Efremov and coworkers of the ACAS-group within LCVU publish a paper entitled "Fluorescence rejection in resonance Raman spectroscopy using a picosecond-gated intensified charge-coupled device camera" and appear on the cover of the journal Applied Spectroscopy

January 2007: LCVU scientists had publications in Nature, Science, Nature Physics and Cel

In January 2007 LCVU scientists had publications in Nature, Science, Nature Physics and Cell
Hanbury-Brown and Twiss       Cytoskeletal networks           The molecular synchrotron       The cell skeleton

Symposium: "Atoms and Lasers in the Spotlight"

On 9 March 2007 the symposium "Atoms and Lasers in the Spotlight" was held at the Laser centre VU. This was at the occasion of the 65th birthday of Prof. Wim Hogervorst. Speakers were Prof. T.W. Hansch (Nobel laureate 2005), Prof. W. Ertmer (Hannover), Prof. S. Svanberg (Lund Laser Centre), Prof. M. Inguscio (LENS Laser Centre Florence), and Prof. W. Sandner (Max Born Institute Berlin).

Collaboration with National Laser Centre of South Africa (Pretoria)

On 12 February 2007 an agreement on future collaboration between the Laser Centre VU and the National Laser Centre of South Africa (Pretoria) was signed in Amsterdam.

On the picture from left to right: Lourens Botha (senior scientist at NLC), Thulani Dlamini (Director of NLC), Jan van Mill (Dean of Sciences - VU), Wim Ubachs (Director of LCVU).

Selection of "Best student-paper award at LCVU in 2006"

Prize winner in 2006 was Stefan Witte for the paper:

S. Witte, R. Th. Zinkstok, A.L. Wolf, W. Hogervorst, W. Ubachs, K.S.E. Eikema
A source of 2 terawatt, 2.7 cycle laser pulses based on noncollinear optical parametric chirped amplification
Opt. Express 14, 8168-8177 (2006)

Stefan with Diploma (and a Prize of 500 Euros - not shown)

Laser Centre Symposium 2006

On Wednesday 13 December 2006 the annual Laser Centre Symposium was held at the VU campus. The Lecture program was as follows: Program LCVU symposium 2006.

Symposium on the 6th of October

On October 6th a Symposium was held at LCVU on "Frequency and Length Metrology in the Lab, in Space and in Industry". For more details and the program of speakers see: Symposium Metrology. The symposium formed the kick-off of a new research program on "Metrology with Frequency comb lasers" that will be carried out by the research group of Atomic, Molecular and Laser Physics at LCVU, in collaboration with the Optics Research group at TU Delft, the Nederlands Meet-instituut, FOM, TNO, and ASML. It is a so-called FOM Industrial Partnership Program described at FOM-IPP I11.