Program lasercentre day December 13, 2006

Location: Q112

13:30   Wim Ubachs Welcome
13:35   Yves Bollen (Sctructural Biology)
    "Tat-mediated transport of folded proteins across an ion-tight membrane"
14:00   Arno Vredenborg (Physical Chemistry)
    "Photodynamics research by femtosecond pulse shaping and coincidence imaging"
14:25   Maarten Noom (Physics of Complex Systems)
    "Bacterial chromatin organization unraveled using dual-DNA manipulation"
14:50   Coffee break
15:15   Michiel Müller (University of Amsterdam)
    "Imaging without labeling: Current developments in non-linear optical microscopy"
16:00   John McNamara(Atomic Physics)
    "Quantum statistical differences between ultracold bosons & fermions"
16:25   Hartmut Erzgršber (Theoretical Physics)
    "Filtered feedback induced dynamics and bifurcations of a semiconductor laser"
16:50   Coffee break
17:10   Luuk van Wilderen (Biophysics)
    "Proton transfer in Green Fluorescent Protein"
17:35   Diego Millo (Analytical Chemistry)
    "How to combine cyclic voltammetry and surface-enhanced resonance Raman spectroscopy to study heme proteins"

Location: Tuinzaal

18:00   Dinner & Drinks

Location: S111

20:00   Presentation of the award for the best LCVU article of 2006
20:15   Andrew Pipino (Technical University Eindhoven)
    "Ultra-high-Q optical resonators to probe monolayers, thin films, and nano-scale systems"

Location: Tuinzaal

21:00   Drinks