Program LCVU day December 15, 2004

Location: FG2 (ground floor building Medische Faculteit)

13:30   Wim Ubachs Welcome
13:40   Holger Lill (Structural Biology)
    "F0F1 ATP synthase: energy conversion in a biological nanomachine"
14:20   Eric Volkers (Physical Chemistry)
    "NO2, a difficult molecule"
14:50   Lukas Kapitein (Physics of Complex Systems)
    "Eg5, a motor protein essential in cell division, can slide, walk, push, pull and stick"
15:20   Coffee break
15:50   Roel Zinkstok (Atomic Physics)
    "Quantum interference metrology with ultrashort laser pulses"
16:20   Hartmut Erzgaber (Theoretical Physics)
    "Filtered optical feedback in diode lasers"
16:50   Danielis Rutkauskas (Biophysics)
    "Fluorescence spectroscopy of conformational changes of single light harvesting complexes"
17:20   Alois Boifacio (Analytical Chemistry)
    "Enhanced Raman spectroscopies to study heme-proteins mimicking in-vivo conditions: from diluted aqueous solutions to monolayers on solid-supported membranes."

Location: M0 (in our building)

17:50   Dinner & Drinks

Location: S111 (in our building)

19:30   Presentation of the award for the best LCVU article of 2004
19:45   Prof. Hans Hofstraat (Philips NatLab, UVA)
    "Electroluminescent devices for displays and lighting - breakthroughs in efficiency and reliability"
20:45   End