Program lasercentre day December 15, 2005

Location: KC159

13:30   Wim Ubachs Welcome
13:40   Dirk Bald (Structural Biology)
    "ATP synthase, a biological power station"
14:10   Arjan Gijsbertsen (Physical Chemistry)
    "Quantum Interference as the Source of Propensity in NO-Rare Gas Inelastic Scattering"
14:40   Joost van Mameren (Physics of Complex Systems)
    "Seeing and feeling the DNA repair protein Rad51 with light"

15:10   Coffee break

15:40   Edcel Salumbides (Atomic, Molecular and Laser Physics)
    "Laboratory spectroscopy and quasar observations: possible variation of fundamental constants"
16:10   Kirk Green (Theoretical Quantum Electronics)
    "Delay dynamics in semiconductor lasers subject to optical feedback"
16:40   Rudi Berera (Biophysics)
    "A simple artificial light harvesting dyad as a mimic of non-photochemical quenching in plants"
17:10   Evtim Efremov (Applied Spectroscopy)
    "Deep-UV resonance Raman spectroscopy: coupling to flow systems, theoretical prediction of enhancement factors and unusually strong overtones"

Location: TUINZAAL

17:40   Dinner & Drinks

Location: KC159

19:30   Presentation of the award for the best LCVU article of 2005
19:45   Prof. Arjen Brussaard (Experimental Neurophysiology, CNCR & FALW, VU)
    "Shining light on the brain"

20:45 End