How to make a webpage

This page will describe how to create a webpage. Please follow this guide and when you are finished it can be send to the webmaster or someone with access to this website on the server and it will be put online.


HTML Items to use

- It is in the style of the whole site to only use H1 and H3 for headers. If you need an accent you could use "strong" and "emphasis" combined with line breaks and non-breaking spaces.

- It is really easy to make a good webpage for this site, because you only need to give the title, some description and the content. The title will appear in the head of the browser. The description is used for search engines and the content is of course the reason you make this page. Besides all this, you only need to make three PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) includes. You can copy the sample below and fill in your data (indicated with bold letters):

Copy from here ----------------------------

< ? php include ( " ../header.php" ) ; ? >

< title > Your title < /title >
< meta name="descprition" content="Put some descriptive words for the website here" />

< ? php include ( " ../menu.php" ) ; ? >

< h1 > Title < /h1 >
Here you can put information

< ? php include ( " ../footer.php" ) ; ? >

To here -------------------------------

-Depending on the layer your website will be in, you have to add extra "../" in the php parts to make it show up!

To put photos on the website

If you would like to show a photgraph in the photo gallery you should sent the photo with a text file with the same name as the photo. Put a small description (maximum of two lines) of the photo in this text file.


HTML Items not to use

- Try not to use tables, because they only give trouble in the end

- Try not to use lines in any way